Stepping-Ahead, with your emotional well-being
When you can't move the mountain say "screw it" and go through it.

The Journey

Positive change will not occur if you simply read what I have to say.  You must take it to heart and apply it to your own life.  Travel with me as we navigate through stories, activities, experiences, and ways of thinking that will enable us feel better about ourselves and thereby lead to an increased sense of well-being. An increased sense of well-being will then allow us to better meet the challenges of our life. 

What I have to offer

I come to the table with a background that includes:
  • a solid career in the mental health field helping people develop plans and strategies to meet their goals.
  • family members with mental health problems
  • my own life long struggle with poor self-esteem
  • graduate education in psychology
  • currently working with Veterans at a Non-Profit Businesss.

If you are looking for a presenter please let me know on my Contact Page.  I will send you an information packet.